Improve your day with a smile!

The AR gamified mood tracker.

Smile therapy using AR

Use augmented reality to control 3D characters and play games designed specifically to make you smile and increase your mood.


  • Quick, fun games designed to get you smiling.
  • Set and compete against your best record for each game.
  • Play around with your 3D character in freestyle mode.

Track your moods

Keep track of your moods to see trends of when you feel better or worse throughout the day.


  • Clear graphs showing your mood changes throughout the day, week, month or all-time.
  • See how much each particular game has an impact on your mood before and after completing it.
  • Quickly input moods on the fly.

Complete challenges

Complete daily challenges and achievements. Track your progress of each achievement and earn medals when completing them.


  • Collect all of the medals by completing challenges.

Sync data between devices using iCloud

We store absolutely no data regarding you or any data you've inputted in the app. 

Complete sessions on one device and open the app on another device logged in to the same iCloud and all of your data will automatically sync across.